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by Lorraine Brady on 04/16/12

Here you can post what ever is on your mind about Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue, Your favorate Pets, or what ever comes to mind.

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1. Karen Reese said on 2/20/13 - 08:14PM
Gosh, it's awfully quiet in here. Just had a question about my boy Nitro. I brought him home July, 2009. He's a teacup poodle; it's my understanding he was released to the shelter by a breeder, so he was never socialized. Carol said he was trained to go on piddle pads and boy is he ever. I don't really have a problem with him, but he he does not like to go outside. I walk him around the block, he'll sniff here and there but that's about it. As soon as we get inside the house he runs straight to his piddle pad and goes. I guess this isn't a problem because I never have to worry about messes in the house. I've been owned by 7 poodles before I got Nitro, so I'm accustomed to their goofy ways...but this one is strange, Has anyone else run into this?
2. Chris said on 2/23/13 - 01:05PM
Yes, we have a dog like this. No socialization really, very sad. Even though ours won't pee outside, he loves his walks a lot. I just think he had been taught to use the pads and is a good boy, following his training. We are *trying* to loosen him up by taking the pads along on the walk and putting them up along trees and on grass etc Hoping if we do this long enough he will learn it's ok to "go" outdoors. Also thinking about walking him with a neighbor dog who might show him outdoor peeing is ok. No tragedy if he doesn't convert. I guess from his standpoint, the outdoors is just not where you're supposed to "go". Maybe it's too loud or busy or unclean. I just feel badly when we get home and he runs for the pads like yours... want to ask "Have you been holding it all this time?" LOL
3. Waggin Tails Pet Rescue said on 9/4/15 - 02:08PM
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