Saving Pets, One Paw at a Time 

Waggin'Tails Pet Rescue
A no kill shelter for pet dogs & cats
Thank you for taking the first step in becoming a foster family and bringing some joy into both your home and into a dogs life.
Please fill out the form below, or click to print and mail a copy. This foster application must be filled out completely in order to be considered, do not skip any question.  If a question does not apply to please enter N/A.   After your application is reviewed a representative from Waggin' Tails will contact you.  If your application is  accepted you will be required to  sign a hard copy of the foster agreement you just read to get to this page.

Waggin' Tails Foster Home Application
Home Phone:
Zip Code:
Drivers License #
E-Mail Address:
Place of work:
Type of work done:
Name of Employer:
Names and numbers of three references not living with you.
1. What makes you want to foster a pet?:
2. What kinds of pets have you had in the past? (Cats/Dogs etc.):
3. What happened to them?:
4. What is the longest you owned a pet?:
5. Do you know how to crate train a pet?:
6. Please describe any training experience you have had in handling animals.?:
7. Do your pets have Licences       8.  Identification Tags           9.  Microchips.?:
10. Please list the pets you now have in your home, if you presently have no pets, enter N/A.
Types of Pets,  Ages,Sex, Spade or Neutered 
13. Do you have children:
14. Children's Ages:
15. Are your children trained to handle animals gently?:
16. Will your children or children visiting your home           be closely supervised while with your foster Pet?:
17. Who will be the primary foster caretaker for the Pet?
18. What will you do with your foster          animal if you leave on vacation?
19. Is everyone in your home aware of the       amount of time and attention a Animal needs?
20. What is your family schedule like?
21. How long will the foster Foster be left               alone?
22. Where will you keep the Foster when no             one is  home?
23. Do you live in a house/apartment/town       house/condominium
24. Do you rent or own?
25. If you rent, do you have permission in writing       from the owner/manager to keep a Animal?
26. What is the Foster weight limit permited?
27. Do you have a yard?
28. Is the yard fenced?
29. What type of fence?
30. How big is the yard?
31. Do you have a covered, shaded area in       your yard or a dog house?
32. Do you have a Pet door?
33. What will you do if your foster           animal knocks over a plant or              chews something in your home?
34. What will you do if your              foster Animal turns out to be      very noisy?
35. What will you do if your              foster  turns out to play                roughly/aggressive?
36. What will you do if your              foster  has a potty                        accident?
37. What do you plan to do if          your foster pet does not work     out in your home?
38. What types of dogs or cats        would you like to foster:
39. Would you be willing to attend obedience classes or           seminars offered by Waggin' Tals?:
40. Do you or any of your family members have any known allergies to pets?:
By clicking the SUBMIT APPLICATION button you are certifying that all your answers are true to the best of your knowledge.
11. Vet Reference:
12. Would you be willing to foster a special needs           animal.  ( blind,cripple,diabetic etc.)
Applicants Age:
a. Name of Current Veterinarian:

b. Veterinarian's Address:

c. Veterinarian's Phone Number: 

State Issued
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