Saving Pets, One Paw at a Time 

Waggin'Tails Pet Rescue
A no kill shelter for pet dogs & cats
Here at Waggin' Tails, we are always in need of new foster homes. There are so many homeless and unwanted pets, that we are running out of temporary homes. Do you have the love and compassion needed to take an animal into your home until we find them a forever home? If so, please contact us

If you have ever wondered why we do this,

Please read carefully before submitting your application.

    As a foster family I agree to provide nutritious meals, fresh water, grooming, a safe environment, and appropriate shelter for this foster dog.  I will not leave my foster dog tied up, especially when unattended.  I will never leave my foster dog unattended in a vehicle when it is 75 degrees or hotter, even with the windows rolled down.  I understand that this can cause heat stroke and the death of a dog.  I agree to arrange my family's schedule so that the dog is seldom left alone for more than eight hours at a stretch.  I agree to play with, pet and give attention to my foster dog when I am at home.  I agree to let Waggin' Tails know if there is a change in the health of the dog and will get clearance before I get anything more than emergency care for my foster dog.  I will check my foster dog regularly for any signs of illness.  I will do frequent flea and tick checks on my foster dog.
    I will give a firm "NO" or shake coins in a can to let my foster dog know that he is exhibiting bad behavior.  I will NOT hit my foster dog.  I understand that dog trainers acknowledge that this is an ineffective way of changing bad behavior.  I will seek to modify behavior by praising the behavior that I desire.  I agree to consult with Waggin' Tails , dog care books or videos from the library if I am experiencing any behavior difficulties with my foster dog.  I will closely supervise my dog when around children (especially children, or adults he/she is not familiar with).  I will closely monitor my foster dog when near roadways or water, when riding in a vehicle (preferably the dog should be in a dog crate during car travel) and in any other situation which is potentially dangerous to my foster dog.  I will have my foster dog wear an identification tag (preferably with a phone number) at all times.  I agree to any home visits needed, as determined by Waggin' Tails.  I will relinquish the dog upon request.
    I understand that Waggin' Tails does its best to evaluate a dog's temperament and behavior.  I will not hold Waggin' Tails liable for any damage the dog does.  Waggin' Tails is concerned about the health of the animals in its care and exercises due caution to prevent the transmission of diseases.  Unless you are notified otherwise, the animals you foster will have been given preventive immunizations.  However, because of the dire circumstances from which many of the rescue animals come, any animal may carry or could have already been exposed to an infectious disease, which may not be apparent for several days.  Waggin' Tails cannot warrant or guarantee the foster dog is healthy or good natured.  Any animal has the potential to bite or cause injury.  You have determined for yourself the animal is acceptable for you and your household to foster, and agree to indemnify and hold Waggin' Tails,  Waggin' Tails volunteers and other Waggin' Tails representatives harmless for any illness the animal may develop and any injury or damage this foster dog may cause once you have taken possession of the animal.  By clicking the Agree button below, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to all the terms laid out in this contract.  
        Waggin' Tails will provide all food and Veterinary care that your Foster Pet requires.

If you are in agreement to these terms, please click the agree button to move on to the portion of the online foster application.
****If Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue is forced to retain an attorney in enforcing this contract, recipient agrees to pay Waggin' Tails reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred in same.