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Hi Waggin Tails -
Just wanted to send you some pictures of our Abbey Abberdoodle (she is in the pink collar)! When we were asked to foster her, we jumped at the chance to have another black lab in our house and figured that she would be adopted in no time, well she was, BY US!! I don't think she was with us a week. She fit so well with our boys that we just couldn't give her up!!  She has become a mother to our other fosters, a playmate for her brother Moses (pug) and a practical twin for her other brother Calvin.  She cuddles with us in bed and is just the best dog!!  We love her soooo much!  Charlotte said that we were foster flunkies - well I am glad that we flunked for our baby girl!!!  Thanks so much for calling me to foster her and thanks so much for saving her!
Toni, Bill, Calvin, Moses, Bart and Lisa (the cats!)
PS- The cats say THANK YOU too for bringing in a dog that ignores us!!! :-)