Saving Pets, One Paw at a Time 

Waggin'Tails Pet Rescue
A no kill shelter for pet dogs & cats
I found 8 month old Bandit on Petfinder.  My eldest dog had cancer, and I knew I would soon have an “opening” in my family.  I contacted Waggin Tails, and was told they were swamped with applications for this gorgeous Keeshond puppy, but I persevered.  I’ve had Keeshonds for 35 years, and LOVE this breed because they are so happy and friendly all the time, not to mention incredibly snuggly.  I sent e-mail after e-mail, with picture after picture of my current dogs and their giant backyard.  I told countless stories about the exploits of current dogs Keesha, Gracie and Sadie, and of the diabetic Sugar before them.  Finally, after a month – I was notified that my application was accepted, and we made the 2 hour trip to get Bandit!  When we picked him up, he had just been altered, and something about his incision was itching, so he was a mess – he was bouncing all over, trying frantically to reach his incision past the giant funnel collar he was wearing.  But we could see that he was good-natured, and cuddly.  On the way home, I stopped at a pharmacy and got some Benedryl, gave him half a tablet, and by the time we got home, he was fine!  He bounded into his new backyard as though he’d lived there all his life.  He was quite a handful – Keeshonds are VERY rambunctious as puppies, and we couldn’t keep toilet-paper on the roll for years without finding it strung all through the house, but now, at 3 years old, he has matured into a wonderful, loving, calm, incredibly sweet dog.  We do agility, and he is a star because he’s so smart.  Keesha has since passed on, so he now lives with Sadie (15), Gracie (4) and his new younger sister, Kola (2), who is also in agility training.  They are the loves of our lives – and they live here in doggy heaven – with their own doggie door that leads out to 3 acres of fenced in back yard.


Mardi Harrison