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Hi everyone at Waggin' Tails,

My name is Marisa Pape and my husband and I adopted Benny over the summer. I just wanted to update you on how he is doing and show you some newer pictures of him. He has totally adjusted to his new home and he trusts us completely. He used to be nervous around new people, but now I think he realizes that we would never expose him to anyone who would hurt him. Soon after adopting him, we discovered that Benny absolutely hates crates and being gated into a room, so we let him have free reign of the house during the day which works out just fine. (He pretty much just sleeps on the couch all day!) He loves to play with his "Uncle Fergus" (my parents' Westie) and is really good with other dogs. We are expecting our first child in August, so we've been working with Benny on better leash behavior when we go for walks (so he won't pull the stroller over). Hopefully he will adjust well to the new baby. Any suggestions for how to prepare him??

Anyway, we just love Benny to pieces and he is a wonderful addition to our family. We feel so lucky to have him and can't imagine going one day without his kisses and affection. Thank you again for choosing us to be Benny's new family.

Marisa Pape