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Waggin'Tails Pet Rescue
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The first time I saw Bodhi's picture (aka "Orson") on a petfinder search, I was smitten. My heart had been crushed from the recent loss of my third furry soulmate in as many years and it was time to open it up again to some one new. I searched my local shelter where I am also a volunteer as well as sometimes daily, and I just kept going back to the picture on your website of the wide-eyed sheltie-pomeranian mix smiling back at me. I printed his picture out and started to carry it with me, staring at it many times throughout the day and each time it melted me a little more. After about a week or so, I knew I had to make that first phone call to Wagging' Tails hoping to meet him in person. He is now the joy of my world. He is as happy as his picture shows he is, so happy, in fact, that many people mistake him for a puppy. On days that I am working, I can't wait to get home to him and take our daily walk (rain, snow or shine) in the State Park nearby, which is where these pictures were taken. He is my constant, loving and loyal companion since I adopted him in February 2010. I am also so amazed at how smart he is. He has learned many commands and tricks; it takes him about a day or two to master each new one. (Border collies have nothing on him!) He is also one of the best behaved dogs I have ever known, and he is very eager to please. He is super protective of me and as well as his home. He's a fantastic guardian of our house, as he will welcome only people he knows. He knows he has found his forever home that was meant to be. He is living the life he deserves with tons of love and happiness, and an endless supply of belly rubs (his favorite)! He is a precious precious gift, and I am grateful to you everyday, Carol, and all the wonderful folks at Waggin' Tails who literally saved his life so that we could be together.  

With sincere gratitude, 

Cynthia Leoncini
Fleetville, PA  

Bodhi (Orson)