Saving Pets, One Paw at a Time 

Waggin'Tails Pet Rescue
A no kill shelter for pet dogs & cats
We adopted Clancy (whose name at the time was Fender) on July 23,2006. He's been with us for a little over three months.He is now about 9 months old and about 40 lbs.The whole family just loves this dog! He was housebroken and crate trained within 7 days. He gets along beautifully with our three cats and our 9 year old bernese mountian /husky mix, although I have to say that he has a special bond with our cat Stripes. They relax together while Stripes licks Clancy's head. Clancy loves his crate and walks right in at bed time when he hears "nite,nite". He is mostly well behaved in the house, but can get into some mischief when we humans over-estimate his self control.He is just too sweet to get very upset with. We will be starting canine elementary school next week. Our goal is to have him earn CGC and then we're thinking about agility classes. Everyone loves this dog, but he is especially dear to me ( and I think vice versa too) after losing my beloved dog Chance this summer. 
Thank you for all the wonderful rescue work you do, without which, I wouldn't have Clancy.