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Well here is the story of Hank and his life after adoption.

Hank was born to a litter of Boxer-mix pups and we met him at his Foster Mom's home in Brodheadsville, PA.  He was born on Valentines Day in 2004, so at the time, his name was Romeo!  His brothers and sisters went by similar names, Valentino for example.  When we met the pups, I was thinking I wanted to adopt a female, but Hank (Romeo) was so big and clumsy and loveable, we just fell in love with him immediately.

Fast Forward, Hank is now 4 1/2 years old now and is a very important part of our family, living in NJ.   He has a nice big fenced yard to run and play in,  and he now has (people -grandkids) kids that are big enough to play with too.  He just Loves his Kids!  He has a doggie friend next door, too, and they chat through the fence and seem to have much to say to each other.

When it comes to dinner time, you might think Hank was a picky kitty, he's very select about what he likes and doesn't like; he isn't much for people food at all....and don't even think about trying to pass off any of that yucky old grocery store dog food...oh no...he'd rather starve than stoop to that level!    The Hank menu for people food includes prime rib and ham bones (good thing we have a professional chef in the family who can bring those things home to him), chicken nuggets and HOT DOGS!   Mmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm Hot Dogs!   Hank will do almost anything for a Hot Dog!  Like I said, he's a funny guy!  

Hank is a silly clown,  and loves to play,  especially wrestling or tag!  He still can't catch a ball after all these years, but, hey, who's perfect, right? LOL!
Hank has run of the house, he has his own special seat on the sofa, and loves to rest his head on a pillow, although he usually ends up upside down twisted into a pretzel when he's sleeping.  He also has his favorite seat in the car, the rear passenger side, and loves the fresh air.  He sits up nice and straight, and when we go to the drive-thru bank the tellers call him Mr. Posture Perfect, and they always send out a doggie bone.  Well, being polite as he is, Hank will take the doggie bone in his mouth and hold it there until we pull away, and then he'll drop it on the floor...because, although he appreciates their effort, how could they know that uggghhh, he just doesn't eat stuff like that.  

Then, of course, there's bedtime, after a hard day and all that hard napping,  he loves to cuddle in bed with me at night, but, he needs an invitation, every single night...LOL! He's gotten so big, there's barely any room for me!

Hank is a very protective guy,  and though (thankfully) he doesn't bite, he'll give a stranger a strong warning before we give him permission to let them in.  Once he knows it's OK, then he's your friend for life and can't wait to see you again....and since I guess he doesn't realize that he's 80 lbs., watch out!  He gets very excited about his friends!

Well, I just want to thank you all for the great work you do, and thanks for rescuing Hank so that he can be part of our family.  We love him so much!  Enjoy these pictures of Hank at his best.

JoAnn Heck