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Hi everyone!!!
  I wanted to update you on 'Nutmeg' (dachshund) who we named Hanna.  She is a sweet little girl and loves her 2 brothers, Duncan (Beagle) and Bailey (Doxie). These pictures are of Hanna (some with Bailey).  I will have new pictures to show off her very own pink harness vests (in these pictures, she is wearing one of Bailey's which is a little too big).  But she has acquired her own custom collection of vests since then (all have pink in them).  She has been to the vet recently and got a clean bill of health (except for a little ear infection which we are treating now and her ears are doing much better). I will fax the doctor's receipt to you to document she visited the vet on Feb 13th.  She will be spayed on March 9th and we'll make sure you get a copy of that documentation as well. We also gave her a birthday of September 5th (5 months from the day she came home with us).

  We just love her so much!  She is such a good girl and loves to give kisses (and visa versa).  She has a great personality and has become the queen in the house.  She definitely tried to take the alpha role....but our Beagle who is 7 yrs old has let her know he is the oldest (mostly by barking).  She loves snuggling with Bailey but she can be a little tomboy and get Bailey with those baby teeth by biting his ears but he still loves to play with her constantly.  Speaking of which, she has lost a tooth almost everyday (found at least 6 of them so far)....but there are a few others in her mouth...can't miss those little needle teeth when she softly bites.

Thank you so much for choosing us to be Hanna's parents.....we just love her to pieces!
 We'll be in touch soon!
 Sherry Frey-Brown
 Chris Brown

Hanna (Nutmeg)