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   Hilde was brought to us by a women who's niece or someone brought the dog home to her apt. She wasn't allowed to have dogs where she lived so she brought us the dog and said if we didn't take it she was just going to leave her run loose. They didn't even know if it was boy or girl because they told us he was a  rottie/dobie mix. We then discovered he was a she and named her Hilde.  She was one we said we would adopt if we didn't find the perfect home for her.  Well, we think we found it!

Another Waggin-Tails happy tail

Hi all at Waggin' Tails,
Here are some pics of Hildegarde!  Unfortunately I am not as good at photography as you are!  I need to practice.
Anyway, Hilde is doing superb! She is learning to walk nicely on her leash and how to "high five" and "down".
She is a lap dog and loves to give hugs and kisses. 
Our neighbors just brough home a little girl golden lab named "Myrna" and Hilde loves her. They will be great friends!
Hilde is the sunshine of our lives! Thanks for choosing us to be the lucky ones to bring her home. 
Hope all is well and that you are surviving winter up in Brodheadsville!
Regards to all!
Amy & Todd 
Bennie the Cat, and of course, Hilde!

Update 11/04/05
Well, Hilde is just about a year old, give or take a month.

Her tongue is the longest I have ever seen. She weighs about 45 pounds and is very lean and long. Although she is not a large dog, she is strong and can run fast.  Her energy level is a challenge for us and we get her out for a run in Cedar Beach Park most days. She loves tug of war and fetch. She has a habit of sitting with her legs in front ( trying to get a pic of it) which is so incredibly adorable and cute!
She plays once a week with a wonderful bull mastiff named Ruby. Hilde wears Ruby out but they are great buds.
We had her spayed quite a while ago, but we want Waggin' Tails to keep the money. 
Hilde is a loving girl and she is quite spoiled. She is my first "lap dog"! 

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