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Hi to everyone at Waggin Tails Rescue,
I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You to all of you and to let you all know how my rescues Thom & Ramsey are doing.
I adopted the boys, now named Jake & Elwood (from the Blues Brothers movie) on 3/16/08. Since then they have made themselves at home with my family. Jake, the bigger (polite way of saying FAT) mostly black one is the biggest 'mush' I've ever seen. He is my constant shadow and a terrific lap blanket too! Elwood, the black and white one (the slim, trim dynamo) took a little more time to come out of his shell. He's still just a bit 'skiddish' with other people and he usually lets Jake take the lead, but he's a lover also. They have both won over my very picky husband which is no small feat as well as everyone who meets them. They are quite a pair and you can usually find them curled up with each other 'cuddling' or chasing one antoher around the house. They are such a joy to have as companions. They have made my house a home again.
Thank you again for all of your help with finding their 'forever home'. I'm so glad it is with me.
Donna Coyne and Family

Jake & Elwood