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Hello Everyone At Waggintails,
 I just wanted to let everyone that Maddie is doing great. My husband and I just adopted her last Weds. And shes the princess in the house. Our 3 kids love her to death. She's coming out of her shell, and she loves it when its bed time she runs up the stairs and jumps into my bed. And she sleeps in the middle between John and I. She's almost house broken. She loves to sit on our laps and be loved. I just wanted to say "thank you" to Carol F. and Karen for moving things so fast to bring our angel home. This is the best gift anyone could ask for. Thank you for an early Christmas gift. Our hearts are filled with so much love. She loves her new name. And the kids are crazy over her. Thanks so much for everything. I'll keep in touch. Maybe will be back for another friend. lol..
                        Sincerely Your Friends Forever,
                Bonnie & John Grochal and Children
                 R.J. & Paige& Olivia
P.S. Maddie sends kisses...