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Hello all,
I adopted my dog Muppet(named Muffin from WT) about 4 years ago....I was looking for a small dog after my spitz died after 12 years.....I was sooooo happy to see her on your internet site that I had to come see her,,,,,,well I fell in love with her automatically and she attached to me......
She is doing really well, she has a beautiful coat, loves to ride in the car wherever I go, loves kids, sleeps with me, loves baths and grooming,,,,,,,,I love this dog,,,,,,,
When I came to see her,,,,,I was told that I have to come back the next day for her but I live in Newtown bucks county,,,,,,,the lady that day saw how we interacted with each other and let me have her the same day.....and I cant thank you enough for that....
Thank you for taking such good care of pets. You all will get a special place in heaven for that. 
Being a nurse myself,,,,,I see much cruelty and suffering in the world,,,,,thank you for caring for the little ones.
Maria Skotleski,
,,,I adopted Muffin,,,,,,,the dog that no one wanted and they said that she was vicious,,,,,but growling is her personality,,,,,she always growls,,,,that is her way of talking,,,,,,,,she grunts and growls about everything,,,,,,,,lots of times she wants to play.
Please see my picture attached of Muppet
Awsome dog,,,,,,I highly recommend your site to all my friends who want a pet