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Hi Carol and everyone,
Here are a few more pictures of Renata and her new "bro" Chico..She is doing really well..We spend a lot of time on socialization...Shes not real fond of our St. Bernard yet.I think she is kind of afraid of him, he is just a puppy himself and  can be very overwhelming. She is still adjusting to the men in our family, having a little problem with that.  We wont give up, Im sure she will come around in time..Shes a sweetheart. She bonded with my daughter and I quickly.  I think she has put on a pound or 2 her appetite is great for such a little girl. I am home with her all day so the potty training is doing good for the most part,,she does'nt like to go outside in the rain though.. Neither does my other chi~Will keep you updated from time to time. Thank you for letting us adopt our new little girl..
Karla and Jaime Wilson