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Hi Carol and Nancy,
Just an update and some photos of Abigail aka Foxy now know as Roxy or Roxanne!!
She is doing wonderful! We are having so much fun.  This weekend we took her and her big "sister" Zoe " to the beach in Cape May, NJ and Roxy had the best time!  She is always so enthusiastic about all her new experiences. She is a joy! 
We've only had her 2 months and it seems as though she has been with us forever!  She adores her grandma's, her brother and sister, her aunts and uncles, cousins...not to mention all of her four legged family and friends.  One of her favorite activities is going to the dog park in town.  
Nancy, she still loves toys and received many for Christmas!  She has a knack for pulling every little detail off...noses...tags and removing the stuffing!!!  I have never seen a little dog go through sooooo many toys!!!
Roxy still loves to sleep in the big bed...but now she starts on top of the covers with Zoe and eventually works her way under them. 
Attached are a few photos from Christmas.  She really made this Christmas very special! Thanks for all you do for the animals in your care.  Please know that we love her dearly and she is getting the very best of care.
Donna Lipari