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Snoopy Karabetsos
Hello to the kind people at WagginTails -
This  is a picture of Snoopy (the cocker/doxie mix) which we adopted from you on 09/30/05.  This is just to let you know that he is simply a joy and he is quite the traveler.  He just came back from his 2nd trip with us to the mountains of West Virginia (where we have friends).   Snoopy simply loves the world and, it,  in turn loves him back.  All Snoppy has to do is go outside to see many great friends (both human and canine neighbors).   He is going to go into training for pet therapy so he can go to work with owner Cathy (as she  has finally gotten a new job working with the mentally retarded populations).  We just wanted to say hello and thank you again..... Snoopy is a very special dog and we are so thankful that you matched him up to us.... JUST ANOTHER HAPPY WAGGINTAIL ending (or is it a beginning for us?  HAHA).  We plan on giving you a nice donation when Cathy gets her first paycheck from her new job.  
Peace and Blessings,
Snoopy, Queenie Weanie, Cathy and George Karabetsos