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Waggin'Tails Pet Rescue
A no kill shelter for pet dogs & cats
Hi there,
We adopted Whiskey from Waggin Tails last fall and he is doing so well! Here are some pictures of his exploits. He likes to lay in the laundry piles on laundry day, and he even met a turkey on Thanksgiving.  He has gone from 66 pounds to 88 pounds and he is healthy and growing a beautiful coat of hair. You will be pleased to know that he has taken a number of baths and actually likes them! It was thought when we adopted him, that he did not like water, but it turns
out he just didn't like to be picked up! He is OK in the bathtub, but likes a warm bath in driveway quite a lot! Being dried off is his favorite. He loves to sleep late and sometimes has to be convinced to get out of bed and go outside in the morning! He is so sweet and loving! Thank you so much for loving and caring for him until he found his way to us. We simply adore him. 
Thank you,
 Christa and Jason Whitney