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Our Little Prince
This little Guys name is prince but right now he does not feel like one. He is an eight year old Bischon who has not yet been neutered. His owner called to say she thinks he may have somehow been hurt because he cannot use his back legs. The owner took him to a vet who put him on pain meds. Two days later he came to rescue.He was taken to our vet the same day for an exam, blood work, xrays, and he has been put on new meds until he sees the ortho Dr. next week. He has no pain right now which concerns us with spinal injuries. His back legs are raw from pulling himself around. He is a happy dog, eats well, and can go to the bathroom on his own so far. We hope he will able to have surgery. We need to raise money to cover his vetting costs so far and for the mri, meds, diapers, pads and doctors.

Update 8/16/15
Prince had his visit with the ortho Dr. and more xrays. He does have a herniated disc but could not really tell how bad without the MRI. We are still trying to raise enough for his MRI. Total Collected since Prince came into Foster has been $100.00. He is on medication for a month to see if he improves which you can see that he is improving on the new video below. He will never walk like a normal dog and he does his drop and drag when he wants to go faster after the other dogs. He is very clean and just a really nice dog who acts like a puppy. Fingers cossed he keeps improving. He does not realize he is handicapped. Prince will be looking for a very special forever home.  
If you are that special someone who is willing to adopt a special needs dogs with all the financial responsibilities that go along with it sent us an email at